Find out information about routing numbers from Citizens National Bank, that has branches in 15 cities. Directory provide information about 21 transit numbers from Citizens National Bank. Receive detailed information about routing number owner, and his location.

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What is a Citizens National Bank routing number?

Routing number of Citizens National Bank - is 9-digit code, that used for identification financial institution branch in transaction. It also called RTN transit number or ABA routing number

From what does it depend?

It depends from bank branch location, and where your account was opened.

When you'll need a routing number?

Generally, you'll need your routing number only when funds are being transferred to or from your bank account — never for debit card or credit card purchases.

Where to find routing number on a paper check?

The Check Routing Number is located on the bottom left side of ane check(cheque) made by Citizens National Bank.

Where to find Citizens National Bank routing number on a paper check?

Citizens National Bank Routing Numbers

Routing Number City State Address Office Code
072402212 Cheboygan Michigan P O Box 10 Main office
111901690 Hillsboro Texas P O Box 404 Main office
111904338 Henderson Texas P.O. Box 1009 Main office
111313631 Crosbyton Texas P O Box 529 Main office
042101446 Somerset Kentucky 44 Public Square Main office
111901580 Brownwood Texas P O Box 1629 Main office
101111953 Concordia Kansas 115 W. 6th St. Main office
044106397 Mcconnelsville Ohio 100 E Main St Main office
111903999 Taylor Texas Po Box 1234 Main office
065300211 Meridian Mississippi 512 22nd Avenue Main office
061201864 Quitman Georgia Po Box 270 Main office
113110984 Crockett Texas 1320 Loop 304 East Main office
111926125 Henderson Texas 201 W Main Main office
113100745 Henderson Texas P O Box 1009 Main office
042104401 Paintsville Kentucky Attn: Carolyn Sisco Main office
081221549 Albion Illinois Po Box 100 Main office
081225804 Albion Illinois Po Box 100 Main office
111903151 Henderson Texas P.O. Box 1009 Main office
111924350 Henderson Texas P.O. Box 1009 Main office
111902819 Taylor Texas Po Box 1234 Main office
064202255 Sevierville Tennessee 200 Forks of River Parkway Main office


How to find Citizens National Bank Routing Numbers?

There several ways to find your transit number

On this directory: We provide detailed information for each Citizens National Bank routing number

Online banking portal: You could get transit number by logging into online banking

Paper check: There always routing number on bottom left part of cheque

Bank service: You can always ask for Citizens National Bank transit number in your bank's customer service staff

Fedwire / American Banking Association: You can find your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve or the American Banking Association.